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IntaCapital Swiss offer clients simple solutions to complicated financial requirements.

About IntaCapital Swiss

IntaCapital Swiss opened their doors to clients in March 2011, and over the past nine and a half years have become Europe’s leading expert on Collateral Transfer, helping companies access loans and lines of credit, (often referred to as Credit Guarantee Facilities), where previously access had been denied by their own bankers and other traditional financiers. When a client receives Credit Guarantee Facilities, this is technically known as Hypothecating Collateral, or Credit Lining Collateral.

For more information on Hypothecating Collateral please go to “Hypothecation of Collateral

IntaCapital Swiss, a boutique finance house, is based in the heart of Geneva Switzerland’s financial district and represents the ethos of the traditional Swiss banking system, of discretion, strength, reliability, performance and integrity. We have grown into a highly specialised finance house, and together with our highly sophisticated team of global financial experts, are providing our worldwide client base with revolutionary and cutting-edge products, that are fulfilling all their financial requirements.

There are many companies from Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, South East Asia and the Pacific Rim, who are today struggling to find new capital investment and funding in a global market where access to credit facilities is declining year on year. At IntaCapital Swiss, we are attracting more and more new clients from across the globe, as we are offering access to loans, lines of credit and other credit facilities, through our cutting-edge financial model, the Collateral Transfer Facility.

The Collateral Transfer Facility, utilises Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit, (depending on the jurisdiction), which are remitted by swift direct to the clients’ bank. Once the Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit has been applied to the clients account, they can approach their bankers and request a line of credit offering these Bank Instruments as Collateral.

IntaCapital Swiss have a long standing and close relationship with the Swiss private banking sector and through our close ties with Swiss private bankers we are able to offer a range of facilities targeted at established and growing companies who require capital for expansion or investment for the restructuring of debt.

At IntaCapital Swiss we receive from our global clientele a whole range of requests for new capital. These requests are not just Collateral Transfer requirements, but vary from Mergers and Acquisitions, Takeovers, Management Buyouts, and Reviving Dormant Assets to name but a few. Our unique team of experts are more than capable to meet our clients demands using such products as private bond issues, private debt and equity funding, securitisations, and other forms of structured lending and specific project finance.

IntaCapital Swiss has a unique team of sophisticated experts who are dedicated to bringing satisfactory conclusions to all their clients demands. Their experience and knowledge of the global financial markets have enabled them to bring new financial models and products to the market, which are successfully servicing our ever-growing worldwide client base.