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Who are Providers?

IntaCapital Swiss offer clients simple solutions to complicated financial requirements.

Provider Groups

Provider Groups are a geographically diverse group, and are major players in most global financial markets, and to this end are recognised as Sovereign Wealth Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds and large family offices.

These groups can be defined by the huge asset bases they control, are providers of Leased Bank Guarantees and Leased Standby Letters of Credit, (the correct definition being Collateral Transfer) and no advertising will be found regarding the leasing of these instruments.

Please note that IntaCapital Swiss, enjoy a unique relationship with many Providers and Provider Groups, and as such are “The Point of Contact” for those companies who wish to lease a Standby Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee from these Groups of Providers.

Provider Groups and IntaCapital Swiss

IntaCapital Swiss are the leading experts in Collateral Transfer in Europe, and are providing access to loans and lines of credit, (often referred to as Credit Guarantee Facilities), to companies who have been refused access by their own bankers and other traditional financiers.

However, none of this would be possible without the unique access to this Group of Providers that is enjoyed by IntaCapital Swiss, and together, working hand in hand have continued to supply Leased Standby Letters of Credit and Leased Bank Guarantees, at very reasonable rates, to grateful clients who would have otherwise faced very lengthy financial hardship or indeed bankruptcy.

After protracted negotiations with the Provider Groups, the Collateral Transfer Facility as offered by IntaCapital Swiss, is now available to smaller companies due to more competitive pricing. IntaCapital Swiss and their highly professional team of experts can now offer access to loans and lines of credit to smaller companies who may have been denied access by their own bankers due to the size of their balance sheet.